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Professional Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer
EPC for Thermal Power Generation Industry
· Supplier of Government & Army
· Supplier of the World’s Top 500 Enterprices
· Exported to 150+ countries, with 20+ service centers worldwide.
Professional Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer
Professional Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer
· Supplier of Government & Army
· Supplier of the World’s Top 500 Enterprices
· Full set of scheme design drawing
· OEM/ODM service with customization
Professional Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer
One-stop Solution for
Mine/Tunnel Ventilation
· Supplier of Government & Army
· Supplier of the World’s Top 500 Enterprices
Expert in HVAC Industry
Expert in HVAC Industry
· High-quality components ensure high product performance
· One-stop after-sales service, comprehensive service support
· Offering OEM, ODM, Customized services
· Supplier of Government & Army
· Supplier of the World’s Top 500 Enterprices
Professional Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer
Multistage Centrifugal Fans for
High-Performance Air Management
· Unique Airflow Needs
· High-Efficiency Design
· Supplier of Government & Army
· Supplier of the World’s Top 500 Enterprices
Supplier of Government & Army
Supplier of Government & Army
· Supplier of the World’s Top 500 Enterprises
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Air handling units’condition and distribute air within a building. They take fresh ambient air from outside, clean it, heat it or cool it, maybe humidify it and then force it through some ductwork around to the designed areas within a building.


Most units will have an additional duct run to then pull the used dirty air out of the rooms, back to the AHU, where a fan will discharge it back to atmosphere. Some of this return air might be recirculated back into the fresh air supply to save energy, we’ll have a look at that later in the article. Otherwise, where that isn’t possible, thermal energy can extracted and fed into the fresh air intake.
Dust Collector
DECENT Dust Collectors DCT Modular Baghouses are designed to meet the unique requirements of each application. Custom-designed and built systems are common, and our engineering team can help find the dust collection system that's right for you.


Heavy-duty internally reinforced 10-gauge walls and robust structures meet industry demands. Utilizing computerized simulation software, the pulse-jet cleaning system operational design has been optimized for efficient cleaning and airflow. Hinged filter access doors and our exclusive tool-free bag replacement , allow for the quickest, easiest maintenance.


The DECENT Baghouse operation is simple, proven, and efficient. Dust-laden air is drawn from the source through a duct system and into the hopper inlet. Through air expansion and an internal deflection plate, the airstream velocity is reduced so large particles drop into the hopper below. The remaining dust particles are filtered through the bag filters. This ensures that only clean air passes into the top of the unit, through the fan, and is either exhausted to the atmosphere or returned to the building.
Mine Fan
Your Partner for Mining and Tunneling .
the specifications
Design of
the systems
project planning
performance test
Fine balancing
on site
Maintenance support
Centrifugal Fan
DECENT Blower has the experience, knowledge, and technology to produce what engineers and machine designers agree to be the most durable and efficient industrial fans and blowers.


Our dedication to product research and innovation is shown with our new laboratory that allows us to meet the highest standard in product development and performance testing. When it comes time to choose the best possible air-movement solution for your construction needs, trust the industry leader.
Who we are
150+Exporting Countries
5000Annual output
1000+Cooperative customers
20+After-sales service center
500+Completed projects
30+Factory years
Exported to 150+ countries, with 20+ service centers worldwide. 30+ industry production experience to meet all customization requirements. Support ODM and OEM.
24-hour online exclusive service team, including salesman, technical, supervisor, and company emergency contacts, so that customers can communicate with the team at any time.
From material selection to finished product, Decent Machinery has a complete quality control system, which can ensure that the equipment is of high quality, strong practicability, and has undergone strict experimental testing.
Exported to 150+ countries, with 20+ service centers worldwide. All of the above are real data.
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Meet customer customization requirements: It can meet the design drawings and improve the product supply chain. The plan includes quotations ranging from low, medium, and high.
Provide a complete test report before leaving the factory.
Feedback the production progress every 3-5 days.
Offline after-sale service and 7*24 hours online technical guidance in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Canada.
Online technical guidance, self-construction to install

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