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Leading the Way, Providing Professional One-stop Ventilation and Dust Removal Solutions!
Decent Machinery provides advanced ventilation and dust removal systems. Our industrial dust collectors efficiently eliminate harmful particles for a safe work environment. Tailored solutions for steel, chemical, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. Reliable, cost-effective, and efficient. Click to learn more!
Centrifugal Fan Blower
Speed ( r/min ) : 2900
airflow( mVh ) : 1131-2356
Noise( Kw ) : 1.5
Pressure ( Pa ) : 994-606
Centrifugal Fan Blower
Dust Collector
Speed ( r/min ) : 2900
airflow( mVh ) : 1131-2356
Noise( Kw ) : 1.5
Pressure ( Pa ) : 994-606
Dust Collector
Zibo Decent Machinery Co.,Ltd engaged in Ventilation and Dedusting Industry.Mainly integrate supply chain resources to provide customers with full solutions and one-stop services.
By 2021, we have provided ventilation and dust removal solutions for customers in at least 120 countries. Save them a lot of time and energy, and use high-performance products to win more profits for customers.
Based on 40 years of production experience and 20 years of export experience, we have organized a professional technical team and hired excellent Serbian engineer Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic as our special consultant. At the same time, we also attach great importance to after-sales service. We have established after-sales service centers in Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, Panama, Peru, Serbia and other places to bring more convenient after-sales service experience to more customers. .
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  • 24H all-day online service
  • Support third-party testing products
  • Order Tracking can be tracked
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