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Order Tracking No.:2021041701

Country:Indonesia Tracking number:2021041701 1.This is the AHU used in the plastic processing plant in Indonesia. We discussed for more than three months and reached an agreement 2.16th,July 2021. AHU-Received customer’s back receipt.

Order Tracking No.:202106011638

1.16th June.2021-Algeria-Woodworking Dust Collector-Received customer’s back receipt. 2.The producthas been produced, ready to test electrical appliances such as fans and control cabinets, and ready to ship after passing the test 3.The goods have been produced and packaged, ready to be shipped. And edited the assembly video for the customer, the link is as follows:

Order Tracking No.:101175736269

1.10th June.2021-Italy-Fog Cannon-Received customer’s back receipt. 2.The workshop is waiting to arrange production 3.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and will be ready to pack and ship. 3.The goods has been sailed.Expected to arrive in Genoa on 5th September.

Order Tracking No.:202105201304

Country:Qatar Product:Misting system 27th May.2021 Received customer’s bank slip. 2.  The host part has been completed. Will continue to update accessories. Can be shipped after passing the test 3.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped. 4.The goods have now arrived in Singapore for transit.

Order Tracking No.:SCY20201123001

Country:Malaysia Product:Fog Cannon-DMC-40   1.11th May.2021 Received customer’s bank slip 2.The production department has placed orders. 3.Cannon base and cannon bodyo had finished welding and painting treatment. 4.Production progress update every 3-5 days. 4. Test and product details. 5.Production progress update every 3-5 days. 6.The product has been packaged and sent to Qingdao Port. 7.The cargo will be dispatched from Qingdao Port onJUN.30. The sailing schedule is 8-10 days.

Order Tracking No.:SCY101097567100

Country:Kenya Product:Dust collector 25th Feb.2021 Received customer’s bank slip. Production progress update Hopper production has been completed Impeller of fan blower production has been completed The production of the fan blower outlet silencer has been completed The dust collector box has been spliced Waiting to install air bag and pulse valve

Order Tracking No.:SCY2019080203

Tracking order:SCY2019080203 Country:Indonesia Product:Blower Fan 5-47-4C 1.16th Aprial.2021 Received customer’s bank slip. 2. Customer booking a vessel : Etd 7 Jun 21 Eta 20 Jun 21. 3. Goods has been sent to warehouse.

Order Tracking No.:SCY100746230628

Country:Indonesia Product: Centrifugal fan Heat exchanger Filter bag Filter bag cage Rotary valve Pulse valve Pulse valve controller 1.17th Dec.2020 Received customer’s bank slip 2.Production progress update:Centrifugal fan 3.Production progress update:Heat exchanger 4.Production progress update:Filter bag cage 5.Production progress update:Filter bag 6.Production progress update:Rotary valve 7.Production progress update:Pulse valve 8.Production progress update:Pulse valve controller

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