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Order Tracking No.:2018121801-Indonesia-Cutting Blower

Transaction Country:Indonesia Products Name: Cutting Blower 1.We have received the PO from the customer and have notified the production department to prepare a production plan to start production  Production 2.The fan blower has been produced, and the dynamic balance test has been carried out, and the fan blower operation test has been carried out. 3.The fan has been packaged and ready to be shipped.

Tracking Order No: ALI202011170097-Bahrain-Roots Blower

Transaction Country:Bahrain Products Name:Roots Blower 1.On August 17, a customer in Bahrain ordered two 100# Roots blowers from our company. We received payment from the customer and arranged production.  Production 2.The Roots blower ordered by a customer in Bahrain is in production 3.Roots blower has conducted product testing on September 7th and issued a test report. The product quality meets the customer’s standard requirements. 4.The two Roots blowers will be delivered on September [...]

Tracking Order:SCY2021524-India-Cooling Fan

Transaction Country:India Customer Number:SCY2021524 Product Amount:7990USD Product Name:Cooling Fan 1.19th July.2021 Received customer’s bank slip  Production 2.After confirming drawing, start production for ten sets fans. Have finished cutting material process. 3.Housing and frame of the ten fans has been finished. 4.This is the goods ten sets of cooling fans after shot blasting. 5.At present, the spray primer anti-rust paint link has been carried out: [...]

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