Order Tracking

Order Tracking No.:202101081011

1.2th February.2021-Chile-Cannon Body-Received customer’s back receipt. Fog Cannon 2.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped. mist cannon dust suppression fog cannon packing fog cannon nozzle

Order Tracking No.:101043261038

1.20th October.2020-Tunisia-FogCannon-Received customer’s back receipt.   2.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped. 3. 13th January.2021-Tunisia-Fog Cannon-Received customer’s balance.

Order Tracking No.:SCY20190307

Country:Bilivia Product:High pressure centrifugal fan Parameters: Airflow:12577~30186m3/h Pressure:9229~7822Pa Speed:1450rpm Power:90kw(Siemens-Beide) Temperature:80℃ 1. 28th Oct.2020 Received customer’s back receipt. 2.Production progress update:Laser cutting 3.Production progress update:Nameplate 4.Production progress update:Production details 5.Production progress update:Ready to ship

Order Tracking No.:20201021001

Order date: 2020.11.13 Order amount: 8000USD Customer Number: 20201021001 Country: Ghana Product name: Woodworking Dust Collector                                   2.The goods have been finished test and can ready to ship Dust Collector

Order Tracking No.:101019621131

Country: Peru Product name: Impeller                                           2.The impeller has been produced and tested for dynamic balance, and it was sent out via FedEx last Saturday                                   3.The goods have been sent to Peru and are undergoing customs clearance. The customer will receive the goods within 3 days

Order Tracking No.:101078414839

1.17th August.2020-UK-Fog Cannon+Fogging Machine-Received customer’s back receipt. 2.Next we will update the production 3.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped.