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Hospital Air Purifier

The primary service object of AHU in the purification industry is the production process, followed by people. The industrial purification industry has special standards and specifications for various parameters of air-conditioned rooms. Generally, there are high precision requirements for parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, air volume and cleanliness. The selection design and processing requirements of AHU are relatively high. AHU generally has the characteristics of large air volume, high unit pressure, high filtration level, and relatively complex control. Commonly used AHU combinations in industrial purification occasions: Mixing section + primary filter section + surface cooling section + heating section + humidification section + fan section + equal flow section + medium efficiency filter section + air supply section.
Tunnel Ventilation,Civil Works,Singapore,2017
Ventilation Type : 2xAL16-1100Power:2*110kw
Diameter:1.6mRotation Speed:1500rpm
Volumetric Flow: up to 2*62m3/s 
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