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Tunnel Ventilation

Ultra-low noise,lower than 45dB(A)
Largest diameter-5 meters


1.7*24 technical support.
2.More than 100 overseas after-sales service centre.
3.Overseas technical support.

Product Description

Tunnel fans come in a variety of types and sizes, designed to meet the needs of different tunnel excavation and operation tasks. Axial flow fans are used to provide steady air movement,while jet fans are optimal for smoke and heat extraction during fires.
Tunnel fans are essential for creating safe working conditions within a tunnel excavation, as they improve air quality, reduce dust and smoke levels, and prevent the accumulation of moisture and bacteria. In addition, they also filter out particulate matter, ensuring a healthy environment. All these features make tunnel fans a vital asset for any tunnel excavation and operation.

Company Advantages

1.The production progress of the goods is updated every 3-5 days, and the order information can be found on the official website.
2.Provide a complete laboratory test report before leaving the factory, and can accept inspection by a designated third-party inspection agency or online video inspection.
3.The factory is equipped with a robot welding arm, and the welding seam of the product can meet the European and American standards.


Tunnel fans are essential for any tunnel excavation and operation, as they provide a controlled flow of air that can reduce dust and smoke levels. This ensures operators can work safely in the area during excavation. Moreover, tunnel ventilation systems featuring jet fans are ideal for smoke and heat extraction in the event of a fire,increasing visibility and minimizing the risk of injury or death. In addition to providing better air quality, tunnel fans are also able to prevent the accumulation of moisture and bacteria, as well as filter out any particulate matter in the air for an optimal environment. All these benefits make tunnel fans and ventilation systems an invaluable asset for any tunnel excavation and operation.
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Ventilation Type : 2xAL16-1100 Power:2*110kw
Diameter:1.6m Rotation Speed:1500rpm
Volumetric Flow: up to 2*62m3/s  
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