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Tunnel jet fans include: one-way jet fans and two-way jet fans. Two-way jet fans are available electronically and mechanically. It can be switched to the rated speed of the fan within 30 seconds. For occasions with high noise requirements, mufflers can be added to reduce the noise. Product features: The outer casing is formed by spinning and flanging on a special machine tool imported from the United States, and the inner wall of the impeller section is finely machined, which is corrosion-resistant, reliable and economical, and a muffler can also be added to reduce its noise. Direct drive, low maintenance workload.
Tunnel Ventilation,Civil Works,Singapore,2017
Ventilation Type : 2xAL16-1100Power:2*110kw
Diameter:1.6mRotation Speed:1500rpm
Volumetric Flow: up to 2*62m3/s 
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