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Vacuum Cleaning

Multi-stage centrifugal fans play a pivotal role in vacuum cleaning systems within electronic factories, generating high negative pressure through a series of tandem-arranged impellers. This high negative pressure is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and environmental control in electronic manufacturing. These fans serve as the core power source for efficient vacuum cleaners and provide the necessary clean negative pressure for cylinders and material conveying systems.
In the design phase, due to the high cost of these fans, dust collectors are typically equipped with a three-stage filtration system. This ensures that emission concentrations are controlled below 1 milligram per cubic meter, keeping the fan blades clean and preventing dynamic balance failure, thus protecting the fan from damage. Performance data indicates that this setup can extend the operational life of the fans by up to 25%, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
The customized design and maintenance of multi-stage centrifugal fans are vital to ensure stable operation and low noise in precision manufacturing environments, such as electronic factories. These fans must meet various dust collection conditions, and their transmission forms, such as A-type and C-type, need to be tailored according to specific airflow and negative pressure requirements. For example, in environments requiring extremely low noise levels, fan noise can be reduced to below 70 decibels, meeting stringent factory standards.
Multi-stage centrifugal fans are not only suitable for electronic factories but also widely applicable in other industries requiring dust and fume control, such as boiler coal powder cleaning, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. These fans can handle air volumes ranging from 1,200 to 10,000 cubic meters per hour, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of various industrial applications.
Multi-stage centrifugal fans are indispensable in vacuum cleaning systems for electronic factories, providing efficient and reliable performance while meeting stringent cleanliness and environmental standards. Their customized designs and maintenance ensure they operate smoothly, making them essential for precision manufacturing and various other industrial applications.
Project in Thailand for Vacuum Cleaning, 2023
Ventilation Type : C200-1.8 Airflow:200m³/min
Pressure:-45kpa Power:220kw
Speed: 2980rpm Bearing:SKF
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