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  • How to reduce subway tunnel noise 2022-09-30 How to reduce subway tunnel noise In terms of environmental protection, the quiet environment is greatly disturbed, people's production and work are greatly affected, and even people in the noise can not live and work normally. It is mainly manifested in people's normal work and rest. At present, the phenomenon of applying fans in subway tunnels gradually becomes popular. It has brought universal benefits to people's life, product...
  • Selection Points of Combined Air Handling Unit 2022-09-29 Selection Points of Combined Air Handling Unit A good air handling unit should have the characteristics of less space occupation, more functions, low noise, low energy consumption, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. Designers can flexibly select and combine functional segments according to parameters such as cooling load, heat load, wet load, supply air temperature, supply air humidity, and noise. However, due ...
  • Customized blower for customer 2022-09-29 Customized blower for customer This is a customized boiler induced draft fan for one of our customers in Thailand. The customer has his own wood products processing plant, and this fan is used in the boiler of his own factory. The power of this fan is 315kw. The length is over 3meteres.A whole 20-foot container was used.We can completely customize according to the customer's parameter requirements, and specify the appropriate s...
  • Decent Machinery of China has achieved a breakthrough with its "ultra-low noise office fan" 2022-09-28 Decent Machinery of China has achieved a breakthrough with its To further meet the needs of our customers for low noise fans, the company's independent research and development of the technology department of ultra-low noise fans after repeated tests, has been through the noise of the fan products quality supervision and inspection center and performance test, the current low noise fan noise results in 80 decibels, can fully meet the requirements of customer'...