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Baghouse are used to filter and collect solid particulates in dust gas, and such filter is widely used in the industries in terms of power station, metallurgy, cement, glass, chemicals and papermaking etc.
Thededusting efficiency is very high and can reach over 99.99%; the filter is not sensitive to the properties of dust, will not get any impact from dust and electric resistance and it can operate at the high temperature conditions of over 200ºCwhen the high temperature resistant filtering materials such as glass fiber,PTFE and P84 are used.
We has optimized and innovated again based on absorbing domestic and foreign excellent technologies, and has acquired multiple patented technologies interms of compressed air blowing system, aidlow distribution etc. The optimized bagtype filter has the features as high dedusting efficiency,low steel consumption, low resistance and small coverage area etc.
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  • Long-lifetime,low maintenance cost
Model:DMC367-30 Emission concentration:≤50mg/m³
Filter area:367 ㎡ Operating temperature:Normal temperature (120°)
Dimensions:5620*2900*7200mm Dust collector air leakage rate: ≤1%
Air flow:22000m³/h Dust collector resistance:1200Pa
Number of rooms:1 The dust collector is under negative pressure :<5000Pa
Dust removal efficiency:99.9% Blow pipe:30 pieces (1.5 inches)
Number of filter bags:360 pcs Number of solenoid valves:30 pieces
Skeleton Specifications:120*2480mm(8 steel wires with silicone on the surface) Pulse valve specifications and models:DMF-Z-40(1.5 inch right angle)
Number of Skeletons:360 sets Cleaning method:Online cleaning
Discharge valve:FBF-200=2 sets Compressed air pressure for cleaning:0.5-0.7MPa
Filter bag specifications:130*2500mm(360 pieces) Compressed air consumption for cleaning:2.09m³/min
Filter wind speed:1m/min Centrifugal fan model:4-72-8C 30KW
Filter cloth material:Polyester Needle Felt Air flow:25000m³/h
Inlet concentration:1300g/m³ Pressure:2800Pa
Asphalt Plant
Boiler Factory
Cement Plant
Kiln Factory
Metallurgical Plant
Oil Exploitation
Power Plant
Casting Plant
Coal-fired Boiler
Wood-fired Boiler / Carbon Black Factory
Sulfuric Acid Plant
Waste Incineration Boiler 
Pharmaceutical Factory
Grain Elevator

Installation Tutorial for Industrial Dust Collectors Baghouse Dust Collector Installation On-Site

Q : How long is the warranty? Does your company supply the spare parts?
A: One year. Spare parts for you at lowest cost.
Q : If I need the complete crushing plant can you help us to build it?
A: Yes, we can help you set up a complete production line and give you related professional advice. We had already build many mining projects in China & Overseas.
Q : Could you give installation and commissioning overseas? How long will it take?
A: Yes, we supply overseas service, but customers need to pay for the engineers flight tickets, and hotel, food., etc.Small machines usually takes 15 days, while large machines usually takes about 25 to 30 days.
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