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Boiler Fan

Including boiler induced draft fan and air supply fan The different functions of the induced draft fans are determined by the location where they are installed
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  • All copper motor - new
  • Uniform weld seam without spatter,can meet EU standards
  • CNC automatic robot welding equipment
  • Shot blasting machine sand blasting
  • Can use ABB/Siemens/WEG, etc., and has established a long-term strategic partnership with them
  • Can be produced to API 673 standards according to customer requirements
  • Can use NSK/SKF etc., and has established a long-term strategic partnership with them
  • 2D and 3D drawings can be designed and provided for free
  • High temperature fan with cooling shaft plate, which can quickly dissipate heat
  • Noise level < 80 dB
  • Brute force test available
Boiler Fan

Product style

  • Type A: The direct-connected centrifugal fan lacks accessories such as pulleys, bearing boxes, and belts. Moreover, the frame size of the centrifugal blower fan can be correspondingly reduced a lot, which is relatively convenient for transportation and installation. 
  • Type B: B-type transmission centrifugal fan: belt drive with pulley located in the middle of two supports, high requirements for bearings. 
  • Type C: The C-type industrial centrifugal fan is easy to maintain, and the speed can also be adjusted. The service life is relatively longer. The noise of the C-type fan is smaller, the price is relatively higher, but the operation is relatively stable.
  • Type D: Cantilever type, a transmission structure that uses a coupling to connect the centrifugal fan and the main shaft of the motor. The mechanical efficiency is higher than that of the C type transmission. It is suitable for medium-sized and larger industrial fans,induced draft fans and forced draft fans.
  • Type E: Double support, belt drive structure, two support bearings are installed on both sides of the casing, the impeller is in the middle of the two support bearings, and the pulley is installed on one side of the centrifugal fan. The optional range of fan speed is large, the flow rate is closer to the application needs, the motor installation position is more flexible, and the pulley is more convenient to remove. Compared with the C-type transmission, the radial load of the bearing is small, and the industrial fan runs relatively smoothly. Suitable for centrifugal fans with double suction or large single suction and with a wide range of performance changes.
  • Type F: F-type centrifugal fan is driven by coupling, double support, the impeller is installed between two bearings, there are single suction double support and double suction double support fan, which is characterized by high transmission efficiency, low noise and no vibration. F-type centrifugal fans are more suitable for large air volume and high wind pressure. Compared with the cantilever support structure, the double-support structure is more stable and has less vibration.
Boiler Fan
Boiler Fan


  •  1.CNC automatic robot welding equipment:
  • The industrial fan adopts robotic arm welding technology,the weld seam is uniform and spatter-free, in line with EU standards. 
  •  2.Shot blasting machine sand blasting:
  • Derusting the centrifugal fan casing, so that the surface of the fan casing is clean, showing the original luster of the metal, increasing the roughness of the surface of the workpiece, which is conducive to the subsequent spraying adhesion.
  • 3.All copper motor - new:
  • All centrifugal blower fan can be equipped with ABB/Siemens/WEG, etc.according to customer request. Have established a long-term strategic partnership with those brand. 
  • 4.Can be produced to API 673 standards:
  • Cover the minimum requirements for centrifugal fans for use in petroleum, chemical, and gas industry services. 
  • 5.Can use NSK/SKF etc., and has established a long-term strategic partnership with them:
  • All the industrial fans,FD fan/ID fan can be equipped with NSK/SKF bearings. 
  • 6.2D and 3D drawings can be designed and provided for free:
  • Provided drawings for all kinds of the industrial centrifugal fans. 
  • 7.High temperature fan with cooling shaft plate, which can quickly dissipate heat:
  • When the medium temperature of the induced draft fan is high,this will work. 
  • 8.Noise level < 80 dB
  • 9.Brute force test available:
  • All the centrifugal fans can be brute force tested, the case is hard to withstand. 
Boiler Fan
Boiler Fan

Cement plant raw material mill fan, the dust concentration reaches 100g/Nm3, the blades and back plate are made of Q355 material, and the blades are inlaid with wear-resistant ceramics.

Wear-resistant ceramic composite technology features:
  • 1. Super wear resistance
  • The wear resistance of the wear-resistant ceramic surface is more than 180 times that of manganese steel, and more than 280 times that of high-chromium cast iron.
  • 2. Light weight
  • The specification of the wear-resistant ceramics used is 10*10*1.5mm, and the weight after pasting the ceramics is 5.5kg/m2, which has no effect on the operation of the fan.
  • 3. Safe and reliable operation, no shedding phenomenon
  • The ceramic-metal bonding strength reaches 300kg/cm2, which is more than 100 times the centrifugal force of the ceramic sheet on the outer edge of the impeller.
  • 4. Bonding strength of ceramics and steel plate
  • Tensile strength 50Mpa, shear strength 30Mpa; maximum service temperature 180°C.
Boiler Fan
Model:6-51-15№D Noise Level: 70dB(A)
Airflow:66000-132000m³/h Casing Thickness:8mm
Pressure:8200-5240pa Blade Thickness: 10mm
Motor Power:315kw Material of Impeller: Carbon Steel
Voltage:380V Material of Housing: Carbon Steel
Frequency: 50Hz Type of Fan:Centrifugal Fan
Phase: 3Phase Overall Size: 3900*2800*2900mm
Impeller Diameter:1500mm Weight: 6500 kgs
Boiler Fan
Boiler FanBoiler Fan
Asphalt Plant
Boiler Factory
Cement Plant
Kiln Factory
Metallurgical Plant
Oil Exploitation
Power Plant
Casting Plant
Pelletizing Tower
Carbon Black Factory

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Q: we have no data about the air quantity of the fan, can you give us some recommendations?
A: Yes, just let us know the tunnel diameter/length, and our engineer will design it for you.
Q: we want ventilation fans for our coal mine, is there anything we should pay attention to?
A: if using fans in a coal mine (especially underground), an explosion-proof motor and aluminum alloy impeller is necessary.
Q: We talked to you about cooling bearings (oil) with air, can you suggest a solution?
A: Yes, we have done a similar project before. When the smoke pump is running, the friction between the bearings will generate heat, and we will add antifreeze, so it will not freeze. When the smoke pump is not running, it must be the liquid in the bearing box is completely cleaned to prevent freezing when stationary. As long as the above operations are ensured, there will be no problem with the smoke pump.
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