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Double Stage Mine Fan

Double stage auxiliary mining fan mainly used for mine area,including coal,copper,gold,silver mines.
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  • unique tracking order for each fan. 
  • three layer anti-corrossion painting. 
  • largest diameter 5meters! 
  • Each hub is annealed to remove internal stress.Durable enough. 
  • Orthogonal 3D Twisted Blade Technology of Bend and Sweep Combination,Simulated Dune Principle. 
  • In line with international standards, 1000: 1.5~2.5, to ensure that the impeller works more safely and efficiently. 
Double Stage Mine Fan
Double Stage Mine Fan
Double Stage Mine Fan
Double Stage Mine Fan
Model: SDS-11№2*75kw Casing Thickness: 8mm
Air Volume: 1580-930m³/min Blade Thickness: 10mm
Air Pressure: 850-6410 Pa Impeller Material: aluminum alloy
Motor Power: 2*75kw Type of Fan: counter rotating/double stage
Impeller Diameter: 1100mm Duct Connection: 1200mm
Silencer/Muffler: front&rear muffler Overall Size: 5200*1200*1200mm
Noise Level: 70dB(A) Air Delivery Distance: 2000meters
Double Stage Mine Fan
Double Stage Mine Fan
Underground Mine
Parking Lot

Q : we have no data about air quantity of the fan,can you give us some recommendations?
A: Yes,just let us know the tunnel diameter/length,our engineer will design for you.
Q : we want ventilation fans for our coal mine,is there anything we should pay attention to?
A: if use fans in coal mine (especially underground),explosion-proof motor and aluminum alloy impeller is necessary.
Q : what's the meaning of double stage fan?And what is the advantages?
A: double stage fan,means two sets fan used in series. Advantages:larger pressure,long air deliver distance,but fan will be more compact.
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