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DX Coil Air Handling Unit

Direct expansion coil AHU and outdoor condensing unit DX coil air handling unit
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  • Compact
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Unltra-low noise
  • No water-leakage
  • Made of galvanized steel,SS,with sun,corrosion and rain protection.Save civil engineering cost
  • Full computer control,with high automation.
Model: DX-L(R)-215Total Power of Outdoor Unit: 58.8kw
Cooling Capacity: 215kwNumber of Outdoor Unit: 3
Heating Capacity: 222kwConnection mode of indoor and outdoor unit: welding
Air Volume of Indoor Unit: 43080m³/hLiquid Pipe Size:φ15.88mm(5/8)*6
Compressor Type: hermetic scroll compressorAir Pipe Size:φ28.6mm(1-1/8)*6
Compressor Quantity:8 
Q : what is the refrigerant will the DX AHU use?
A: Water or Freon,both OK.
Q : we have limit area of installation,can you make AHU smaller?
A: if installation site is limited,we can re-design the unit be upper&lower double-layer structure,to help saving space.
Q : can we get the performance data of air supply fan?
A: Yes,of course! performance curve,full technical data,dimensional drawings of each part will be provided to you in our design.
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