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Electrostatic Precipitator for Flue Gas Dust Removal

The electrostatic precipitator is an ideal solution for industries dealing with smoke and dust, such as coal-fired power plants, chemical plants, and metallurgical smelting factories. It is a cutting-edge, efficient, and reliable high-tech equipment for dust recycling and environmental purification. Boasting advantages like a compact footprint, low operating costs, and minimal maintenance requirements, this equipment utilizes high voltage current on the anode and cathode plates to create a non-uniform electric field. This field generates a multitude of electrons and positive ions, leading to effective dust removal.
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  • High dust removal efficiency up to 99.99%.
  • Bag lifespan of up to 10 years.
  • Low energy, high dust removal efficiency.
  • Can remove 0.01-50μm dust in the flue gas.
  • Can be used for the occasion of high flue gas temperature and high pressure.
  • Cost-effective investment and operating costs.
1. Wide-pitch horizontal electrostatic precipitator developed by incorporating foreign technology and adapting to various industrial kiln exhaust gas conditions.

2. Uniform electric field strength and plate current distribution, enabling 1.3x higher drive speed and expanded specific resistance range (10^1-10^14 Ω-cm). Ideal for high specific resistance dust recovery.

3. Integral new RS corona wire with 15-meter length, low corona current, and high density. Designed for high dust concentration collection, reaching an allowable inlet concentration of 1000g/Nm3.

4. Options for top discharge vibration: mechanical and electromagnetic, based on ash cleaning theory.

5. Three-dimensional suspension structure for dust collection and corona system at high exhaust gas temperatures. Heat-resistant steel tape restraint ensures the electric dust collector can withstand temperatures up to 390℃.

6. Increased vibration acceleration achieved by changing the dust collection board structure, resulting in improved dust removal efficiency.

7. Compact and lightweight due to top vibration discharge system and asymmetric suspension design for each electric field. Optimized shell design reduces length by 3-5 meters and weight by 15% in the same dust collection area.

8. High insulation system with heat storage double inflatable roof design, PTC and PTS materials for electric heating, and hyperbolic reverse blowing and cleaning design for the insulation sleeve, ensuring reliable operation and easy maintenance.

9. Matching L-C high system with DSC and PLC control for high voltage and low voltage control, respectively. Utilizes constant current, high impedance DC power supply for superior dust removal efficiency, handling high specific resistance, and high concentration dust.
Electrostatic Precipitator for Flue Gas Dust Removal
Model:DMC367-30 Emission concentration:≤50mg/m³
Filter area:367 ㎡ Operating temperature:Normal temperature (120°)
Dimensions:5620*2900*7200mm Dust collector air leakage rate: ≤1%
Air flow:22000m³/h Dust collector resistance:1200Pa
Number of rooms:1 The dust collector is under negative pressure :<5000Pa
Dust removal efficiency:99.9% Blow pipe:30 pieces (1.5 inches)
Number of filter bags:360 pcs Number of solenoid valves:30 pieces
Skeleton Specifications:120*2480mm(8 steel wires with silicone on the surface) Pulse valve specifications and models:DMF-Z-40(1.5 inch right angle)
Number of Skeletons:360 sets Cleaning method:Online cleaning
Discharge valve:FBF-200=2 sets Compressed air pressure for cleaning:0.5-0.7MPa
Filter bag specifications:130*2500mm(360 pieces) Compressed air consumption for cleaning:2.09m³/min
Filter wind speed:1m/min Centrifugal fan model:4-72-8C 30KW
Filter cloth material:Polyester Needle Felt Air flow:25000m³/h
Inlet concentration:1300g/m³ Pressure:2800Pa

Electrostatic Precipitator for Flue Gas Dust Removal
Asphalt Plant
Boiler Factory
Cement Plant
Kiln Factory
Metallurgical Plant
Oil Exploitation
Power Plant
Casting Plant
Coal-fired Boiler
Wood-fired Boiler / Carbon Black Factory
Sulfuric Acid Plant
Waste Incineration Boiler 
Pharmaceutical Factory
Grain Elevator

Installation Tutorial for Industrial Dust Collectors Baghouse Dust Collector Installation On-Site

Q : How does your factory ensure quality control for the dust collector?
A:A stringent quality control process is in place at our factory. Prior to shipping, we conduct thorough testing of each machine. Moreover, we have obtained ISO9001:2008 certification, further validating our commitment to high-quality products.
Q : How can I inquire about the dust collector?
A:Simply provide us with any of the following parameters, and we will promptly offer a solution: workshop layout, air volume, filter area, inlet temperature, or wind speed. Expect to receive a comprehensive quotation within 24 hours.
Q : What about the after-sale installation services for the dust collector?
A: 1. We offer an installation manual and ongoing technical consulting support. Our team of engineers is available to provide on-site installation assistance.
     2. For an all-inclusive solution, we also provide turn-key projects for installation at international locations.

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