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High Speed Low Noise Oil Free Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like friction-free suspension bearings inspired by aviation turbine engines and ultra-high-speed permanent magnet motors, the air suspension centrifuge stands as a pinnacle of efficiency. It outperforms traditional Roots blowers by saving 30% - 40% in electricity, operating without lubricating oil, and requiring no maintenance. Widely applied in diverse sectors including sewage treatment, power generation, and more, it offers global customers energy-efficient solutions and aerodynamic equipment.
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  • Long life: no friction, more than 20 years of life
  • Low noise: Low noise centrifugal impeller design, no mechanical vibration, noise below 80 dB
  • Oil-free: Advanced dynamic pressure air bearing, no friction, no need to fill oil lubrication
  • Energy saving: can save 20%-50% than the traditional blower
  • Easy maintenance: Only clean the filter as prompted
  • Small size: integrated design, large power density, is 1/3-1/5 of the volume of the traditional blower, simple installation, no foundation, directly placed
Air suspension blower is a new type energy saving high speed blower, it is made up of 3 key technology: high speed air suspension bearing. permanent magnet high speed synchronous motor, and aluminum alloy AL7075(aviation aluminum precision casting high-precision impeller.

Air suspension centrifugal blower doesn't need gear box booster and coupling, driven by high speed motor directly. The motor is adjusted by VFD control. The impeller of blower is comected with motor directly, but the shaft is floating on the active air bearing controller. Because there's n0 physical contact and no needs of lubrication oil system, the air suspension centrifugal blower has many features like: high eficiency. energy saving, low noise level, reliable operation and long term maintenance-free.

Air suspension centrifugal blower is in integration compact structure. Impeller, high speed motor, VFD, air bearing and its control system with CPU microprocessor control plate connected together, increase the convinient of assemble and operation. To help customer save energy and daily maintenance cost, and provide a clean operation environment.

As a result, it has many features, for example, advanced technology, reliable performance, simple structure, small volume, energy saving, easily for maintenance, etc.

High Speed Low Noise Oil Free Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower
High Speed Low Noise Oil Free Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower
High Speed Low Noise Oil Free Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower
High Speed Low Noise Oil Free Centrifugal Air Suspension Turbo Blower
Asphalt Plant
Boiler Factory
Cement Plant
Kiln Factory
Metallurgical Plant
Oil Exploitation
Power Plant
Casting Plant
Pelletizing Tower
Carbon Black Factory
Sewage Plant
Sewage Treatment

Q: What are the warranty terms for your machine?
A: Our machine comes with a one-year warranty, which includes technical support tailored to your specific requirements.
Q: How is the product packaged?
A: Our products are meticulously packaged in standard seaworthy cases to ensure their safe transportation.
Q: How long does it take to arrange production?
A: For 380V 50HZ configurations, we can have the goods ready for delivery within 7-15 days. If you require a different voltage or color, our delivery time will be approximately 25-30 days.
Q: Do you offer additional accessories like air dryers, air filters, and air tanks?
A: Certainly, we provide a range of supplementary equipment including air dryers, air filters, air tanks, and more.

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