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Industrial Air Blower

The 9-26 series centrifugal fan can output high gas pressure, suitable for conveying normal or high temperature clean gas/combustible gas/corrosive gas/mixed with a few impurities, light particles/debris/short fiber materials.
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  • All copper motor - new
  • Uniform weld seam without spatter,can meet EU standards
  • CNC automatic robot welding equipment
  • Shot blasting machine sand blasting
  • Can use ABB/Siemens/WEG, etc., and has established a long-term strategic partnership with them
  • Can be produced to API 673 standards according to customer requirements
  • Can use NSK/SKF etc., and has established a long-term strategic partnership with them
  • 2D and 3D drawings can be designed and provided for free
  • High temperature fan with cooling shaft plate, which can quickly dissipate heat
  • Noise level < 80 dB
  • Brute force test available
Industrial Air Blower
Industrial Air Blower
Industrial Air BlowerIndustrial Air Blower

Cement plant raw material mill fan, the dust concentration reaches 100g/Nm3, the blades and back plate are made of Q355 material, and the blades are inlaid with wear-resistant ceramics.

Wear-resistant ceramic composite technology features:
  • 1. Super wear resistance
  • The wear resistance of the wear-resistant ceramic surface is more than 180 times that of manganese steel, and more than 280 times that of high-chromium cast iron.
  • 2. Light weight
  • The specification of the wear-resistant ceramics used is 10*10*1.5mm, and the weight after pasting the ceramics is 5.5kg/m2, which has no effect on the operation of the fan.
  • 3. Safe and reliable operation, no shedding phenomenon
  • The ceramic-metal bonding strength reaches 300kg/cm2, which is more than 100 times the centrifugal force of the ceramic sheet on the outer edge of the impeller.
  • 4. Bonding strength of ceramics and steel plate
  • Tensile strength 50Mpa, shear strength 30Mpa; maximum service temperature 180°C.
Industrial Air Blower
Model: FY9-26-16№D Phase: 3Phase
Airflow: 68000m³/h Impeller Diameter: 1600mm
Pressure:6000pa Drive Type:Coupling Drive
Speed: 1450rpm Material of Impeller: Carbon Steel
Temperature: 200℃ Material of Housing:Carbon Steel
Motor Power: 220kw Dimension:3700*2700*2800mm
Voltage:380V Weight: 2700kgs
Frequency: 50Hz  
Industrial Air Blower
Industrial Air BlowerIndustrial Air Blower
Industrial Air Blower
Q : we have no data about air quantity of the fan,can you give us some recommendations?
A: Yes,just let us know the tunnel diameter/length,our engineer will design for you.
Q : we want ventilation fans for our coal mine,is there anything we should pay attention to?
A: if use fans in coal mine (especially underground),explosion-proof motor and aluminum alloy impeller is necessary.
Q : what's the meaning of double stage fan?And what is the advantages?
A: double stage fan,means two sets fan used in series. Advantages:larger pressure,long air deliver distance,but fan will be more compact.
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