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Mfr Type Rotary Pulverized Coal Burner

Mfr Type Rotary Pulverized Coal Burner is an ideal supporting energy-saving equipment for municipal companies and road section asphalt mixers, that are also widely used in various industries and kilns. Most of the original asphalt mixing equipment used diesel or heavy oil as fuel to heat aggregates. However, with the continuous rise of energy prices and the increasingly fierce market competition, many constructions have changed the original oil burners to pulverized coal burners to reduce production costs.
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  • Long residence time.
  • High combustion efficiency.
  • Short temperature rise time.
  • Easy to ignite.
  • Changeable burner air supply and fuel supply.
  • Exclusive usage of the rotary combustion chamber.
  • Easy cleaning of the cinder.
  • Convenient control of aggregate temperature.
  • Automatically control the volume of coal.
  • Special structure designed ignition oil gun nozzle.
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