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Mine Axial Fan - Counter Rotating FBCDZ Series

Main Ventilation Fan is widely used in coal mines and metal mines. Mine Axial Fans consist of a current collector, primary fan, secondary fan, muffler, diffusion tower, and wheels. Decent provides Total Mine Ventilation Solutions(TMVS) for underground mining ventilation systems, which with the function of Air Supply&Extraction, can reach 80% wind reverse performance.
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  • 80% wind reverse.  
  • M2 explosion-proof grade. 
  • Noise lower than 85dB(A). 
  • Strengthen forged aluminum impeller. 
  • Travel mechanism. 
  • 5 meters diameter. 
  • Working environment -70~+50­°C. 
  • Working altitude -1000m~+4600m.
Mine Axial Fan - Counter Rotating FBCDZ Series
Mine Axial Fan - Counter Rotating FBCDZ Series

Underground Mine
Parking Lot

Q: We have no data about the air quantity of the fan, can you give us some recommendations?
A: Yes, just let us know the tunnel diameter/length, and our engineer will design it for you.
Q: We want ventilation fans for our coal mine, is there anything we should pay attention to?
A: If using fans in a coal mine (especially underground), an explosion-proof motor and aluminum alloy impeller is necessary.
Q: What's the meaning of a double-stage fan? And what are the advantages?
A: Double stage fan, means two sets fan used in series. Advantages: larger pressure, long air delivery distance, but the fan will be more compact.
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