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Tunnel Ventilation Systems

Decent Machinery supplies ventilation systems equipped with ducts for tunnels in excavation, up to Jet Fan (accelerator) for tunnels that are opening. Our equipment can be installed on TBMs.
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  • unique tracking order for each fan. 
  • three layer anti-corrossion painting. 
  • largest diameter 5meters! 
  • Each hub is annealed to remove internal stress.Durable enough. 
  • Orthogonal 3D Twisted Blade Technology of Bend and Sweep Combination,Simulated Dune Principle. 
  • In line with international standards, 1000: 1.5~2.5, to ensure that the impeller works more safely and efficiently. 
Various configurations


We are able to design fans ranging from single stage (1 stage) to multi-stage (up to 4 stages) adapted to the constraints and phasing of your site based on the following characteristics:
  • Casing made of S235JR steel with galvanised or epoxy paint finish.
  • The motors supplied have, depending on the case, a supply voltage of 230/400V or 400/690V (230V single phase/1000V or other on request).
  • Our fans are equipped with support feet as standard, but can be optionally mounted on fixed or mobile chassis (wheels, sledge/skid, etc.) for ease of movement.
  • The propellers are made of blades whose material varies according to the application propylene, glass-fibre reinforced propylene, aluminium, antistatic plastic.

Thanks to our high quality materials and our design software, we can provide you with the propeller best suited to your constraints. Being at the forefront of propeller technology is part of our commitment.
Tunnel Ventilation Systems


Accelerators longitudinal ventilation
Due to the geometry of the galleries and mesh networks, it can be difficult or even impossible to guide the air to specific locations. It may be possible to favour the air path with Jet fans or also called accelerators.


Decent Machinery has been able to use its know-how from the Charbonnages de France to design Jetfans mounted on fixed or mobile frames that can be easily moved to adapt the air path.


Safety is an essential element taken into consideration during the design and manufacture of our systems.Decent Machinery supplies longitudinal ventilation systems that can be used to induce an air flow to ventilate road and rail tunnels, etc… Our design office is able to size the requirements according to your constraints.
Tunnel Ventilation Systems
Q : we have no data about air quantity of the fan,can you give us some recommendations?
A: Yes,just let us know the tunnel diameter/length,our engineer will design for you.
Q : we want ventilation fans for our coal mine,is there anything we should pay attention to?
A: if use fans in coal mine (especially underground),explosion-proof motor and aluminum alloy impeller is necessary.
Q : what's the meaning of double stage fan?And what is the advantages?
A: double stage fan,means two sets fan used in series. Advantages:larger pressure,long air deliver distance,but fan will be more compact.
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