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Ventilation Systems For Underground Mines And Quarries

VENTILATION SYSTEMS Ventilation is an essential function in underground mines. It ensures the health and safety of workers and the productivity of the operation.
Decent Machinery designs high-performance ventilation systems to ensure the smooth running of the mine.
Whether it concerns the main ventilation of the mine or the secondary ventilation of the excavation fronts, we are able, thanks to our software and our experience, to guide the operator in his choices and propose a solution that is economical to operate while ensuring the safety of the miners.
Decent Machinery offers you a whole range of silent axial fans, which can be equipped with skid frames and connected to flexible PVC ducts.
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  • unique tracking order for each fan. 
  • three layer anti-corrossion painting. 
  • largest diameter 5meters! 
  • Each hub is annealed to remove internal stress. Durable enough. 
  • Orthogonal 3D Twisted Blade Technology of Bend and Sweep Combination, Simulated Dune Principle. 
  • In line with international standards, 1000: 1.5~2.5, to ensure that the impeller works more safely and efficiently. 
  • Casing made of S235JR steel with galvanized or epoxy paint finish.
  • The motors supplied have, depending on the case, a supply voltage of 230/400V or 400/690V (230V single phase/1000V or other on request).
  • Our fans are equipped with support feet as standard but can be optionally mounted on fixed or mobile chassis (wheels, sled/skid, etc.) for ease of movement.
  • The propellers are made of blades whose material varies according to the application of propylene, glass-fiber reinforced propylene, aluminum, and antistatic plastic.
Ventilation Systems For Underground Mines And Quarries
Main fans for the main ventilation system designed and installed taking into account the ventilation requirements related to the mining methods and design of the mine. Our software enables us to analyse the impact of ventilation on the meshed networks and to optimise the equipment to ensure performance and energy savings.
Ventilation Systems For Underground Mines And Quarries
Secondary fans allow the air flow to be brought and controlled to the work area. SUB’ROCA designs its secondary fans on general principles of robustness, mobility and performance. Together with you, we define the necessary flow rates and the most strategic duct diameters to ensure reduced energy consumption.


Choice of equipment levels
Ventilation Systems For Underground Mines And Quarries
Underground Mine
Parking Lot

Q : we have no data about air quantity of the fan,can you give us some recommendations?
A: Yes,just let us know the tunnel diameter/length,our engineer will design for you.
Q : we want ventilation fans for our coal mine,is there anything we should pay attention to?
A: if use fans in coal mine (especially underground),explosion-proof motor and aluminum alloy impeller is necessary.
Q : what's the meaning of double stage fan?And what is the advantages?
A: double stage fan,means two sets fan used in series. Advantages:larger pressure,long air deliver distance,but fan will be more compact.
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