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Woodworking Dust Collector Bag Filter Dust Removal System

At Decent Machinery, our woodworking dust collector is specifically designed to address the dust-related challenges in your working environment. With its high-efficiency filtration system and powerful suction capabilities, it effectively eliminates dust generated during woodworking operations, thereby reducing air pollution. Our dust collector not only ensures a safe and healthy working environment but also extends the lifespan of your machinery and enhances work efficiency. Trust Decent Machinery to deliver dust collectors that add value to your woodworking operations.
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  • High-temperature resistant dust collector bag (204°C continuous operation)
  • Strong galvanized steel (2-3mm thickness, 200-500kg load capacity).
  • Fine fiber filter cloth (99.9% filtration efficiency, 0.1 micron particle collection)
  • Low noise level (<80 decibels) for a quiet workplace
  • PLC automatic control, optional sensor-based alarms for temperature, material level
  • Customizable design options available for specific user requirements.
Woodworking Dust Collector Bag Filter Dust Removal System
1. Welding Construction:

The dust collector housing is welded using CO2 automatic shielded welding for secure and accurate results.

2. Porous Plate Production:
The porous plate is precisely manufactured using a cold-rolled stamping process to ensure minimal aperture and spacing errors. It guarantees a flat surface and perfect integration with the filter bags.

3. Bag Cage Manufacturing:
Advanced automated production techniques create sturdy bag cages with secure welded joints, uniform strength, and high verticality.

4. Filter Bag Fabrication:
Specialized heat-sealing machines thermally fuse the filter material, eliminating needle holes. Rubber bonding ensures needle-hole-free filter bags with excellent airtightness.

5. Metal Surface Treatment:
Pre-treatment methods remove rust and enhance the adhesion between the paint layer and the metal surface, providing effective corrosion protection.

6. Equipment Coating and Anti-corrosion Treatment:
The equipment undergoes interior and exterior coating with primers and finish coats, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. Specifically:
  • Two layers of primer (δ=20μmX2) are applied to the interior surface of the dust collector.
  • Two layers of primer (20μmX2) and two layers of exterior surface primer (20μmX2) are applied to the exterior surface of the dust collector.
Woodworking Dust Collector Bag Filter Dust Removal System
Model:DMC367-30 Emission concentration:≤50mg/m³
Filter area:367 ㎡ Operating temperature:Normal temperature (120°)
Dimensions:5620*2900*7200mm Dust collector air leakage rate: ≤1%
Air flow:22000m³/h Dust collector resistance:1200Pa
Number of rooms:1 The dust collector is under negative pressure :<5000Pa
Dust removal efficiency:99.9% Blow pipe:30 pieces (1.5 inches)
Number of filter bags:360 pcs Number of solenoid valves:30 pieces
Skeleton Specifications:120*2480mm(8 steel wires with silicone on the surface) Pulse valve specifications and models:DMF-Z-40(1.5 inch right angle)
Number of Skeletons:360 sets Cleaning method:Online cleaning
Discharge valve:FBF-200=2 sets Compressed air pressure for cleaning:0.5-0.7MPa
Filter bag specifications:130*2500mm(360 pieces) Compressed air consumption for cleaning:2.09m³/min
Filter wind speed:1m/min Centrifugal fan model:4-72-8C 30KW
Filter cloth material:Polyester Needle Felt Air flow:25000m³/h
Inlet concentration:1300g/m³ Pressure:2800Pa
Woodworking Dust Collector Bag Filter Dust Removal System
Garment Factory
Furniture Manufacturing Factory
Grain Storage
Plywood Processing Plant
Wood panel Production Plant
Wood Processing Factory
Woodworking Factory
Woodworking Workshop
Flour Processing Factory

Woodworking Dust Collector Select Guide! Satisfied Customer Review
Woodworking Dust Collector Overlook

Q : What size of wood workshop is this dust collector suitable for?
A:The dust collector can be customized to suit woodworking workshops of various sizes, catering to specific customer requirements.
Q : Does the dust collector feature energy-saving functionality?
A:Yes, the dust collector incorporates an efficient energy management system, ensuring minimal energy consumption and reduced operational costs.
Q : How is the installation and maintenance of this dust collector carried out?
A:The dust collector is designed to be user-friendly, facilitating easy installation and maintenance for customers. Additionally, we provide comprehensive online and offline guidance for installation and maintenance procedures.

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