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YBT Mine Ventilator

YBT series mine flameproof axial flow local ventilator is mainly used for press-in local ventilation in coal mines with explosive danger of gas or coal dust. This product is also suitable for metal mines, chemical mines, tunnels and other For factories and mines using fans, the temperature of the conveying medium should not exceed 40°C, the temperature should not be greater than 95±3% (25°C) and non-corrosive.
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  • Explosion proof
  • Compact
  • Built-in muffler
  • unique tracking order for each fan. 
  • three layer anti-corrossion painting. 
  • largest diameter 5meters! 
  • Each hub is annealed to remove internal stress.Durable enough. 
  • Orthogonal 3D Twisted Blade Technology of Bend and Sweep Combination,Simulated Dune Principle. 
  • In line with international standards, 1000: 1.5~2.5, to ensure that the impeller works more safely and efficiently. 
YBT Mine Ventilator
YBT Mine Ventilator
YBT Mine Ventilator
YBT Mine Ventilator
Mode:YBT-22 Noise Level: 90dB(A)
Voltage:380/660V Diameter: 600mm
Air Volume: 240-370m³/min Motor Power: 22kw
Air Pressure: 3200-680Pa Motor Type:explosion proof

YBT Mine Ventilator
YBT Mine Ventilator
Underground Mine
Parking Lot

Q : what is the noise level of YBT fans?
A: generally 90dB(A). if connect silencers,can reduce to 70dB(A).
Q : what is the motor brand?
A: ABB/Siemens/WEG...
Q : what is the material of impeller?
A: for safety consideration,we use aluminum impeller.
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