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Single-stage High-speed Centrifugal Fans: Pioneering the Innovation in Ventilation
Leading the way in ventilation technology, our single-stage high-speed centrifugal fans excel in mining, chemical processing, manufacturing, and more. Precision engineering and innovative design ensure exceptional performance and efficiency. Tailored solutions for all facilities. Embrace the future of ventilation with us!
Centrifugal Fan Blower
Speed ( r/min ) : 2900
airflow( mVh ) : 1131-2356
Noise( Kw ) : 1.5
Pressure ( Pa ) : 994-606
Centrifugal Fan Blower
Dust Collector
Speed ( r/min ) : 2900
airflow( mVh ) : 1131-2356
Noise( Kw ) : 1.5
Pressure ( Pa ) : 994-606
Dust Collector
Product List
Zibo Decent Machinery Co.,Ltd engaged in Ventilation and Dedusting Industry.Mainly integrate supply chain resources to provide customers with full solutions and one-stop services.
By 2021, we have provided ventilation and dust removal solutions for customers in at least 120 countries. Save them a lot of time and energy, and use high-performance products to win more profits for customers.
Based on 40 years of production experience and 20 years of export experience, we have organized a professional technical team and hired excellent Serbian engineer Mr.Branislav Mihajlovic as our special consultant. At the same time, we also attach great importance to after-sales service. We have established after-sales service centers in Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, Panama, Peru, Serbia and other places to bring more convenient after-sales service experience to more customers. .
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  • Support third-party testing products
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